Pool Wall Skimmer and Skimmer Parts: Pool Care Equipments

Pool Wall Skimmer and Skimmer Parts: Pool Care Equipments 

One of the most vital pool accessories, swimming pool skimmers serve to remove debris from your pool so that the water is clean and enticing. Pool skimmers are important for both above ground and in-ground pools and are installed near the surface of your pool to catch floating debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool. Typically, pool skimmer parts include a basket, a lid, and an open channel through which water flows. Whether you’re looking for an above ground pool skimmer or an in-ground pool skimmer is very important as they are not the same. Above-ground pool skimmers have a faceplate and they are installed in the wall of the pool. In-ground pool skimmers are set into the concrete of your pool making them stronger than above ground pool skimmers but also more difficult to replace.

 Pool skimmers for above ground pools are installed into the wall of your pool by setting the faceplate on the inner portion of the pool and the pool skimmer on the outside of the pool. This means the pool skimmer and the faceplate seal the pool wall and liner between them. Water is then pulled through pool skimmers which also forces debris through the skimmer where it gets collected by pool skimmer baskets. From here, it is the responsibility of the pool owner to empty the pool skimmer basket before debris blocks water from flowing through the skimmer. 

 While above ground and in-ground pool skimmers essentially serve the same function, they are installed in different ways and they are more likely to leak. Because pool skimmer parts are usually constructed of plastic, in-ground pool owners may notice that their pool skimmers sometimes spring leaks. Concrete is quite heavy and plastic pool skimmers cannot always stand up to the pressure created by the heavy construction of in-ground pools. Regardless, pool skimmers are your pool’s first defense against dirty water and are extremely important for removing debris and maintaining the clarity of your water. Swimming pool skimmers are definitely a must have for both in-ground and above ground pools and should be purchased along with your new pool.

Here are few examples of replacement parts for skimmers:


1. 5-inch Wide mouth I/G Skimmer

2. Critter Skimmer

3. Hayward 1.5 inch I/G Auto-Skim Skimmer for Concrete Pools

4. Hayward 2-inch In-Ground Skimmer

5. Hayward 2-inch In-Ground Skimmer

6. Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate


* You can search this Skimmer parts on internet for more details, this will make you fully understand how they look like and their respective uses. 

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The zodiac MX8,

The zodiac MX8,

This is the most effective suction pool cleaner when it comes to the suction technology. Fitted with the most advanced 4WD technology and state of the art suction mechanism, the zodiac MX 8 is meant to clean even the hardest piece of dirt in the pool. Its dual cyclonic suction is meant to make the equipment work fast delivering a clean and sanitized pool conducive for the owner’s use.

The zodiac MX8 Requires less water back flow within it compared to the other suction equipments and thereby known to be an effective energy saver and is the most highly recommended for solar power connections. It also has 2 speed and variable speed pumps making its use so much fun.

The zodiac MX8 is also designed with a small surface area thus is enabled to occupy a wide cleaning path in comparison to the other suction cleaners. This enables it to catch more debris quickly and its vacuum inlet improves its suction mechanism. The 4WD  max drive makes the machine to be easy to operate and maneuver making it to the most aggressive pool wall  cleaner, in addition its locking horse which is as long as 40 feet  is also an enabling component to quick and secure cleaning process.

Other enabling specifications include the in ground suction capability, a 1.5 inch  vacuum line and it also comes with a one year sales warranty thus the buyer has the luxury of the after sales services, the machine is also enabled with an advanced twist lock long life and reduces its chances of breaking down. In addition, the machine has the ability to move on tile and vinyl surfaces without slides and can also move on fiberglass surfaces.

Among the zodiac MX8 Suction cleaner also comes with an equally fitting accessory range including a flow regulator,25/pk, baracunda leaf catcher, a zodiac ladder guard ,a zodiac universal return line  Div ,2 /pk, a  90 eyeball diverter and a zodiac zippy sand bag ladder guard. All these in addition to the accompanying small parts all to make its use fun and enjoyable.

The zodiac group thus is engaged in quality production of good suction pool cleaning equipments and the zodiac MX8 is found to be the perfect fit for several pool cleaning requirements.

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Conference equipment supplier services from Pure AV


Located in Toronto, the PURE AV is the market leader in projector and screen rental, which are particularly suitable for personal and business use. Equipped with state of the art technology in audio visual, the PURE AV is capable to offer one-stop solution to our valued customers. Since the staffs from PURE AV are well-trained and experienced with technology in audio visual, they shall be the trusted partner to offer projector and screen rental services with excellent customer satisfaction. There is an increasing trend for projector and screen rental. For a big-size company, it is not worth to spend much money in purchasing expensive projectors and screens. In addition, it is time-consuming to train the staffs to operate the equipment. PURE AV is here to solve the issue, by offering the projector and screen rental services.

Conference AV

Equipped with the professional AV experts, the PURE AV is strong to offer conference AV solutions to most enterprises and the small-medium sized companies. Depending on the event size and nature, the PURE AV is pleased to offer appropriate AV supports, making your event successful. Conference AV equipment includes projectors, cameras, microphones, etc. The PURE AV can offer HD video conference in large conferences, such as meetings, seminars, ceremonies, product launches, graduation ceremonies and even fashion shows. The conference AV solution from PURE AV is trusted solution of you and your company. Equipped with the experienced crew, they are competent to work with the production team to make your event successful.


The PURE AV is strong to offer various types and sizes of screens for our valued customers. Depending on the need from our customers, they can select the Portable Indoor and outdoor Screens, Tripod Screens, Pull Up Screens and Fast and Fold screens. When customers would like to organize the conference in a small room, the Tripod Screens are suitable for such use, which are conveniently portable. For the Pull Up Screens, they are suitable for indoor-conference, which the screen can be mounted on the wall. The Fast and Fold screens contain a main frame that folds outs, where legs are attached for the stability of the screens. In addition, the PURE AV is happy to offer a series of add-ons, such as Screen Accessories, Dress Kits and Screen Skirts, and Pipe and Drape. They are important and convenient for the corporate and conference application. 

Get in touchwith us today to find out more about Conference equipment supplier services from Pure AV.

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Tips in Hiring Event Companies

Have you ever ended up entranced with the glamour and marvelousness of a wedding or a music occasion? That being said, there is dependably a coordinator or organizer who sweats it out behind the screens to make the occasion fruitful. Prominent occasions like film honor capacities, design shows, corporate occasions and even weddings are wanted to accuracy by top occasion sorting out organizations. So on the off chance that you are wanting to contract an occasion coordinator for any of your capacities or gatherings, here is the thing that you ought to search for:

A portion of the Types of Events Handled By event companies Planners

Social – Weddings, commemorations, birthday parties

Corporate – Conferences, classes, preparing projects, raising support, exchange shows

Showcasing & advancement – Product and brand propelling

Instructive – College celebrations, fairs, representative preparing, and so forth

Excitement – Fashion shows, excellence challenges, recompense evenings, motion picture advancements, stage shows, music/feature discharge, shows, DJ parties, and so on.

Effective corporate occasion fundamentally obliges legitimate game plans, asset allotments, planning, and administration. Arranging such occasions can be extremely difficult, particularly in light of the fact that you are welcoming your significant customers, workers, or stakeholders.

The corporate message must be passed on in the best conceivable way, and you can’t bear to pass up a great opportunity for even the littlest of points of interest. That is precisely why organizations typically appoint the assignment to experienced occasion sorting out firms.

Redone Events:

Each occasion will have its own targets and objectives, and henceforth it must be arranged likewise. The occasion coordinator, whom you pick for your association, must have the capacity to comprehend the destinations of your occasion, and afterward alter the game plans to meet your business needs.

These experts are acquainted with all the parts of sorting out occasions. They will likewise be unequivocally connected with merchants and suppliers, which permit them to offer moderate answers for their customers.


Estimating is an imperative piece of arranging corporate occasions. Firstly, there will be a meeting to generate new ideas inside the organization to think of the monetary allowance for general spending.

Your occasion coordinator must have the capacity to offer you with the best answers for your proposed plan. Nonetheless, it is prudent to be a bit adaptable with your financial plan. The occasion coordinators typically cite aggressive costs on different things like décor lighting, occasion subject, sustenance and drinks, transportation, lodging and travel bookings, and so forth.

The greater part of the occasion arranging organizations works online nowadays along these lines you could undoubtedly contact numerous administration suppliers and request value cites. Making a correlation investigation of costs and administration charges will help you in discovering the best occasion sorting out organization to suit your needs.


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5 benefits of audio visual service

The audio visual companies provide all types of equipments for events on your request. They also set up these electronic items at your desired location like hotel, office and home. You can get all types of products for small and big events. Usually these firms supply advanced and latest equipments to make your event great. They also offer free repairs and maintenance. There is no need to spend huge money to purchase such items or products because renting option is available for your help. The contractors offer flexible payment options to facilitate your occasion. Hence, it is no longer difficult to organize wedding events or occasions due to presence of such companies. The key benefits of using the services of event planning firms are following.

  1. The audio video suppliers provide all types of electronic equipments like projector, LCD, mixer, screen, speakers, microphone, computer and sensors. They also provide free installation and backup services. You can request company to deliver the equipments at your desired location.
  2. These companies offer services for different occasions like wedding, birthday, meetings and corporate events. You can have all services like lighting, HD display, AV inputs, entertainment and wedding discos. The company will provide service corresponding to your basic needs and requirements. You can easily select your desired services from the available list.
  3. Another benefit of professional service is saving of time. When you hire professionals to organize your event, you can have free time to meet with your guests. You can also have a look on arrangements of your event in a better way. Hence, you can enjoy your event without any stress and problem with the help of event management firm. Gone are days when people handle and organize their events without professional help.
  4. It is also possible to save a big amount with the help of audio visual service. In order to purchase the audio video products, you will need huge money but renting option is economical. When you rent the equipments, you can save a considerable amount with ease.
    1. 5.       No maintenance and repairing are required for equipments with renting option. The Disc jockey Mississauga firm offers top quality equipments with free installation service.



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Keys to become the best DJ

Perfection is gained by hard work and practice. You have to focus day and night on your motives to achieve your goals. Becoming a DJ is an art, and becoming a successful DJ is a science. If you understand some simple rules, you can become a successful Brampton disc jockey very easily. Here are a few thumb rules or keys which would help you in becoming a successful DJ. you can read these rules here below:

  1. Be original: this is the only way to prove you. God has made you pure; there is no copy of you in this entire world. You have to be yourself, work in your own style. Disaster comes when you try to copy others in your style. You can make a crowd by yourself. Let people love you and it is only possible when you give them performance in the style they have never seen or heard before. You are your own icon. Try this, and feel the difference.
  2. Avoid trash talking: normally, people put their competitors down by talking trash about them. It spoils their repute timely but in the long run, it makes your image down in front of the audience. People start disliking you and they do not call you anymore on their functions and events.
  3. Do not be alcoholic: if you are DJing a party, remember, you are one of the hosts of that party. You have to be in your senses to give your best performance. If your attention is diverted to alcohol, it means you are affecting your performance adversely. Do not ruin the party of other people; otherwise, people will not like you as a DJ of their next party.
  4. Keep your performance simple: do not overdo. Avoid giving too many effects in your mixing of the music. Your performance should be like a cocktail, not a mixture of a few dumb music tracks. Keep the energy level of your audience in view and play the songs accordingly. I bet your audience will love you after that.

I hope following these rules will make you rule the world of disc jockey and music. Have a nice day!

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Take The Hassle Out Of A Pool Renovation

Take The Hassle Out Of A Pool Renovation


It is that time of the year where you decide that you are not going to go through another summer without a swimming pool. You have spent months saving to renovate the old pool that the house you bought came with and you don’t want just anyone doing the job. On the advice of many friends you enlist the help of a swimming pool cleaning company that has the expertise and know how to tackle this enormous job.


Using a swimming pool cleaning company is the way to go for peace of mind. These companies are professional and most certainly know what they are doing. On the first leg of the journey to a new pool your pool will be surveyed for cracks, leaks and any other defects that might have made their home in your pool. All observations are then noted in a detailed report and discussed with you, or at least they should be. During these surveys your pool equipment will also come under scrutiny to establish what can still be used and what needs to be replaced. After all these inspections and surveys, a report with suggestions will be made to give you a better overview of what needs to be done. A final report and the one that is surely the most important of all, is the one that tells you how big dent to your bank balance will be. Estimates of costs are important to keep on hand if you should decide to get a second opinion. Once you cross all the “T’s” and dot the “I’s”, there is no turning back. Now all you need to do is sit back and watch as your new pool renovation unfolds before your eyes.


Once the project is complete, a company worth their salt will have the pool filled, do all the necessary tests to ensure that your pool meets all the hygienic needs as well ensure that your pool water is balanced and functions the way it should. Last but not least it is time to make a splash in your sparkling, new and improved pool.

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Alexandrite Birthstone

                                                                   Alexandrite Birthstone


Considered for being amongst the world’s best valued gemstones plus the June birthstone, the alexandrite stone is fairly rare throughout occurrence. It is actually exclusively prized because of its unique attribute of changing color in sunlight in addition to in hue. Alexandrite is truly a variety in the chrysoberyl gem stone, the different being cymophane, popularly referred to as the cat’s eye. Though this occurs in a number of hues of green when slipped into natural gentle, under artificial light this dramatically improvements its color to a deeper, more dark shade. As an example, an alexandrite gemstone the industry brilliant green in color has got the tendency to phenomenally change its hue to a deep hue of red-colored, similar to a ruby. Sometimes under incandescent light, the hue can look like brown or mauve. This gemstone is quite expensive because of its rarity.

You will find there’s popular Russian folklore about the discovery in addition to etymology in the alexandrite stone. In line with the Russian legend, this gem was well-mined on the sixteenth birthday from the then Czar regarding Russia, Alexander II in the year 1834. This gem was handed its name by way of a Finnish geologist, Nile Gustav Nordenskjoid, who became aware of it and mistook it to have an emerald. He sent it to a fellow geologist for a second view, who upon taking the qualities including hardness and color changing properties into consideration, declared that this stone had been harder when compared with emeralds. The hardness of a gemstone is actually measured on the Mohs degree. Alexandrite can be rated with 8. 5 although the measurement in the emerald relates to about 7. 5 to 8. There are lots of controversies adjoining the etymology in the stone. Another fantasy has it that this stone had been introduced towards Russian royals by Depend Lev Alekseevich Perovskii. It was initially believed to be mined in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Nowadays, large remains of alexandrite stone can be obtained from Brazil, India, Myanmar and Zimbabwe and so forth. 

This stone is between the popular curing stones and crystals which have many valuable effects on the wearer. It might channelize good energy and thoughts, and reduce the chances of evil. It may help the personal maintain an effective balance throughout life. Health, prosperity, and celebrity are believed to be bestowed on the wearer of this rare gem stone. It likewise helps personal take daring decisions and also protects your ex from unwanted circumstances. Wearing your alexandrite stone is also known to prevent the occurrence of diseases in the pancreas and spleen. On that basis this stone can be used for June birthstone.

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Basic features of Amethyst and Aquamarine

Basic features of Amethyst and Aquamarine


Amethyst is a semi-precious crystal that is often used in jewellery. It normally comes in violet color, which it gets from iron impurities and irradiation. Sometimes it comes in shades of pink, lilac and mauve. The darker the violet color, the more expensive the crystal. The best types of Amethyst stones are found in Sri Lanka, Siberia, Brazil and Far East. It is believed to have healing/mystical powers and has various other uses than just jewellery. It was once available to only the royal families but it is more widely available now. Because of its affordable price and availability, amethyst stones are now used as mass-market gems.

Color: The most costly type of amethyst is the strong reddish purple stone. Gemstone dealers prefer dark purple and saturated reddish purple amethyst. They however are not very interested in the once that are so dark that the brightness is reduced. Any color zoning or bronzed tints in the stone lowers its price value. The color of the gem can be lightened through heat treatment.



Aquamarine is a bluish green crystal used in jewellery. The color ranges from pale blue to beautiful aqua blue. It is also an affordable and easily available semi-precious gem. It usually comes from Brazil and Columbia. It belongs to the beryl crystal family. Beryl can be found abundantly in nature. When yellow or yellow orange it is called heliodor, and when bluish green it is called aquamarine. The rarest kind is the deep red beryl called bixbate. The shade of blue tint that an aquamarine stone feature comes from traces of iron in its chemical composition. It is highly resistant to damage and hence can be easily mined off a rock or mineral. The color of aquamarine stones can be lightened through heat treatment. The yellow-green and yellow-brown stone is treated with heat at 752 and 842 Fahrenheit. This process permanently lightens the gem.

Cut: Aquamarines are highly resistant to inclusion which makes it very easy for the jewellers to cut and shape the stones into various styles. The traditional cuts are pear, square and oval. Various modern and vanity shapes are also available now.


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Polaris Vac sweep 280 pressure side pool cleaner-reviews

Polaris Vac sweep 280 pressure side pool cleaner-reviews


Automatic Pressure pool cleaning has never been revolutionized more than the introduction of the Polaris Vac sweep pressure side pool cleaner. The product which is made in the United States is made using the most innovative technology. With a 31 inch horse pipe, the automatic cleaner is made to work in all ground pools.

Product specifications

The product length which is 20 by 23 by 10 inches long is made to weigh 18 pounds which is relatively light and makes it easy to navigate. The product is made to work to be powered by double jets thus gets more vacuum power and is able to clean faster. The product is 31 inches and is fitted with a single chamber filter bag. The product also comes with a debri trap and is fitted with a valve for movement reversal.

Is the product affordable?

The product is available in the market at competitive price ranges. With most of the Polaris automatic pool cleaners having the price range of between $ 370 $450.this price in some instances is considered relatively expensive but the quality and the product range of action is quite befitting the price. The product is also available locally and on the several online stores where it is also available for free shipment. With a warranty attached, the Polaris vac280 automatic pool cleaners offer the best bet for money. The product also is said to work with a booster pump which is purchase separately.

Is the product reliable?

Automatic pool cleaners from Polaris are found to bear the most unique performance characteristics. The product is said to be energy efficient and thus is reliable where customers need to cut pool cleaning costs. Though the product needs other extra fittings like the booster pump, it’s a product every pool owner needs to have!


The Polaris Vac 280 automatic pressure pool cleaning machine is not the only machine in the market. Other equally good machines exist at even competitive prices. The user has the discretion to select and shop for what suits his /her needs considering also the market factors and the availability in the geographical area.


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